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Introduction To Computer Network


A network is a set of devices (often referred to as nodes) connected by communication links. A link is a communications pathway that transfers data from one device to another. A node can be a computer, printer, or any other device capable of sending and/or receiving data generated by other nodes on the network.
A computer network is a number of computers (also called nodes) connected by some communication lines. Two computers connected to the network can communicate with each other through the other nodes if they are not directly connected.
A computer network is a system in which multiple computers are connected to each other to share information and resources.

Features of Network

  • Share Resources from one computer to another
  • Create files and store them in one computer, access those files from the other computer(s) connected over the network
  • Connect a printer, scanner, or a fax machine to one computer within the network and let other computers of the network use the machines available over network.

Advantages of Network

  • Better communication
  • Uninterrupted connectivity
  • Sharing of Resources
  • Bring people together

Types of Network

We can classify the multiple processor system by their physical size. Distance is important as a classification metric because different techniques are used at different scales.

1m – 10mSquare meterPAN
100 mBuildingLAN
1 KMCampusCAN
10 KMCityMAN
100 KMCountryWAN
1,000 KMContinentWAN
Classification by scale


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