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Group B

Attempt Any 6 questions (6×5=30)

2. Define client server software model. Explain the features of Java as a network programming language. (1+4)

3. What is the use of NetworkInterface class? Explain the basic features of NetworkInterface class. (1+4)

4. Explain HTTP methods with example. (5)

5. Write a program to display the socket information [address, port, local address, local port]. (5)

6. Write a server side program for daytime service using socket. (5)

7. Define Non-blocking I/O. Differentiate between blocking and non-blocking socket communication in Java. (1+4)

8. Write short notes on (any 2) (2.5+2.5)
a. Secure Communication
b. Multicast sockets
c. RMI Server

Group C

Attempt any 2 questions (2×10=20)

9. What is the procedure for constructing and connecting server sockets? Explain the server socket option with example. (5+5)

10. Write a program to perform a basic two-way communication between client and server. (10)

11. What are features of DatagramPacket and DatagramSocket class? Write a program to create a simple UDP client. (3+3+6)

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