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Scripting Language

Scripting Language
Scripting Language

Syllabus of Scripting Language of BCA.

TitleScripting Language
Short NameSL
Course codeCACS254
Nature of courseTheory + Practical
SemesterFourth Semester
Full marks60 (Theory) + 20 (Practical) +20 (Internal)
Pass marks24 (Theory) + 8 (Practical) +8 (Internal)
Credit Hrs3


1. Client Side Scripting (teaching hours: 15 hrs)


Introduction, Need of Client Side Scripting Language, Formatting and Coding Conventions, JavaScript Files, Comments, Embedding JavaScript in HTML, Using Script Tag, NoScript Tag, Operators, Control Structures, Array and For Each Loop, Defining and Invoking Functions, Built in Objects, Date Objects, Interacting With The Browser, Windows & Frames, Document Object  Model, Event Handling, Forms, Cookies, Handling Regular Expression, Client Side Validations.

2. Server Side Scripting with Database Connectivity (teaching hours: 15 hrs)

PHP(8 Hrs.): 

Introduction to Server Side Scripting Language, PHP introduction. Basic PHP Syntax, Comments in PHP, Variables, PHP Operators, Control Structures(If else, switch, all loops), Arrays, For Each Loop, Functions, Form Handling, PHP $_GET, PHP $_POST, PHP $_REQUEST, PHP date (} Function, PHP include File, File Handling, File Uploading, PHP Sessions, Sending Emails, PHP Cookies.

MySQL(7 Hrs.): 

Introduction to MySQL, PHP MySQL Connect to a Database, Closing a Connection, MySQL Data Types, MySQL Insert, MySQL Select, MySQL Where Clause, MySQL Delete, MySQL Update, MySQL Aggregate Functions(sum, avg, count etc); MySQL Order by and Group by Clause, MySQL Subqueries, MySQL Joins,

3. Advanced Server Side Scripting (teaching hours: 15 hrs)

Object Oriented Programmtng in PHP:  

Classes and Objects, Defining and Using properties and methods, Constructors and Destructors, Method Overriding, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Static Members,  Exception Handling  

AJAX(Asynchronons JavaSeript and XML): 

Using PHP, Using PHP +MySQL


Playing With Elements, Hiding and Unhiding Images. Jquery UI 


Introduction To CMS, Installation, Handling Joomla Back End.. Customization In Joomla, Introduction To Extensions, Installation and Uses Of Extensions in Joomla, Template Development In Joomla, Artiseer(IDE), Module Development In Joomla, Component Development In Joomla, Introduction To MVC(Model, View and Controller)

WordPress Administrator Level: 

Theme Integration, Creating pages, Managing Posts, Managing Widgets


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