How online translation are changing lives!

When it comes to adopt the new technology, there is just one question “Will it change the life?” And when gets the answer it can, the technology just booms out and of course, everyone starts using it. On searching the various article, I found about this news on MSN news and I was really proud to be the student of that field.

Once there was a time when we need to have the translator, I mean human translator to translate the content so that we could read it. But now the things are getting different, The use of online translation are getting so huge that it is really “BRIDGING THE DIGITAL DIVIDE”. I guess there are not any language barriers for the information we want to know. There are a lot of apps, online translation service for it, from where one can  learn, no matter from where the content is. Facebook has integrated “Bing translator” which can translate the content written in any of the language to English. Not only this, “Google translator” is also worth more.

One of the very interesting incident happened to me, I saw an article a few month ago about the cloud which was in Spanish, I forgot the name of the writer, which I am very sorry about. I copied the content to have a look over as I knew a little Spanish. Later on translating the article I found it so useful. I am really thankful to the author.

This is not only an example for my readers but also a good experience I want to share. I guess there are a lot of such experience which one has experienced. Here is the example I found in the MSN news. You can view it here. You will be really glad to know that ‘technology can really change the lives’.

Here is the thing from the site itself, “While leads the market, Microsoft’s offers a similar, free service with 41 languages that users say outperforms Google’s when it comes to language used in high tech and software. WorldLingo is emerging as a leading pay-for-use translator with machine and professional translations in more than 140 languages, for people who require accuracy.”

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How to whitelist website on AdBlocker?

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