Understanding .NET Framework

Understanding .NET Framework

Introduction to .Net Framework

              .NET is a software development framework designed and developed by Microsoft to build any types of software on Web, Desktop platform. There are frequent upgrades in framework that can be reflected on the software development based on the version of the windows. Click here to learn more

.Net framework have varieties of the software development platform. Some of them are

  1. Web Application
  2. Desktop Applications
  3. Windows Services
  4. Web Services
  5. Windows Phone Application
  6. Windows 8/10 Application

.NET framework supports varieties of the languages. Some of the famous that we use are

  1. C#.NET
  2. VB.NET
  3. C++.NET
  4. J#.NET
  5. F#.NET
  7. Windows Powershell
  8. Iron Ruby
  9. Iron Python
  10. C Omega
  11. ASML (Abstract State Machine Language)


.net framework



              .NET provides a run-time environment, called the common language runtime, that runs the code and provides services that make the development process easier. It is the run-time environment in the .NET Framework that runs the codes and helps in making the development process easier by providing the various services required by the application. So Basically, it is handles all the responsibilities for managing the execution of .NET programs regardless of any .NET programming language. Using the Microsoft Implementation of CLI, CLR (Common Language Runtime) implements the VES (Virtual Execution System) internally.

Managed code is the code that runs under the Common Language Runtime. In other words, it is just so that the CLR provides the managed execution environment for the programs developed in .NET. It is done by providing the set of the class libraries, that gives the security and enabling the cross-language integrations.


              All compilers that support .NET should have this. CLS determines the minimum set of standards for the code to be accessed from any language. This CLS is a set of guidelines that describes the complete set of features for a .NET aware compiler. Thus, All languages uses the produced code in a uniform manner and hosted by CLR. The subset of the functionality defined by CTS is CLS.

Intermediate Language (IL) MSIL is a language that sits above a particular platform specific instruction set. Whatever the .NET aware language is chosen (Visual basic, C# etc.) the associated compiler gives output as IL Instructions. IL is designed to be fast in compilation simultaneously supporting all the features of .NET. Application

Each such compiler will have the following features

  1. Complete access to .NET Framework hierarchy
  2. High level of interoperability with other compliant languages like Visual Basic .NET etc. For instance, a Visual Basic class can inherit from a C# Class.

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