Prototyping a system

Many of us develop system and most of us are unknown about the prototype of the system. So here is the thing about it,

A prototype is an initial version of a software system that is used to demonstrate concepts, try out the design options, and find out more about the problem and its possible solutions.

This was the definition of the prototype. The question is why prototyping? Why not to build the final version of software and deliver on time.

For this question, I just want to say that the prototyping is necessary as the software development is not a easy process. One has to deliver the software that are without bugs on time. So, Once the prototype is ready for the system as per required by the customer, it becomes easy for the developer to work further with their UI and other functionality. In the developers perspective, it is the requirement engineering process that helps them with the validation and elicitation of the system requirements. This also helps in designing the UI and can be used to explore further to add some more functionality as per user’s requirement. Once the prototype of the system is ready, it becomes much and more easy to get the ideas of the of the system. They can easily identify the weakness of the system, if any found.The system specification can be changed to understand about the requirements of the users. It is the most important part of the user interface design process.

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