Socket Programming

Socket Programming

If i ask you what is socket programming? what would you reply….. think of it….
Is this a new type of programming language? 

No, exactly not. It is the part of programming in any language. It is about programming in networking world by the help of any language. Socket programming can be done in C++, Java, etc. lets not mention a list of it. Just the thing we need to understand is that socket programming is done to design software that are used in internet or network world. hmmmmm. Most of us have seen the application of the socket programming. Why not right now you may be viewing this page by the help of socket programming. think of it. I think that u didn’t get it. It is the web browser, chatting application etc. There are lot of examples for it. If you want to learn about it deeply then view the links that i have provided it right here below. 

So happy Socket Coding. And a great thanks to the Socket Programming.

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