Virtualisation : Why we need it?

Most of scratch our head when we listen the word “virtualisation”. I think it is not hard to understand the concept of virtualisation. Just the thing we need to know is that virtualisation in computer deals about the stuff which really does not exists. The stuff may be a piece of hardware or a software. In fact, it is the problem solving method. The question is why it is so important technology. 
Lets talk about my experience that i faced why to choose virtualisation? I am the computer student and wanted to know about the computer networks. I need to learn about the networking. And in order to do that I need to have a number of hardware resources like 2 or more computers, a LAN cable etc.which is unaffordable for the general computer students. So what i did was I made a virtual computer inside my computer. The connection to the computer was internal. I had to do nothing to do such a time consuming stuff. And I learnt about the computer networks.

This was my experience why i choose the virtualisation concept.

Now lets talk about what is virtualisation in the context of the computer students. It is process of creating a new piece of hardware inside a machine. The piece of hardware may be anything. It can be a computer, or a virtual memory, or a network device or anything. As we can see that the virtual hardware can be created and there is the cost reduction in our system. Just imagine in a large organisation how many resources can be simplified and how simple the whole system can be with the aid of virtualisation. A large organisation can just create a virtual system and can reduce the costing of thier computer system. Also the virtual networks, software, data, storage etc can be created to simplify our problems.

Thus, the virtualisation is important technology that should be used by everyone not only the students, but also for professionals, or to everyone.

If you want to know more about the virtualisation then u may have the refrence to the following link:

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