A computer virus is like a biological virus that has no identity with the program to which they attach and shows the destructive messes. It must be remembered that a virus is always dependent in order to propagate.
The virus works in this way:

  1. Virus is launched.
  2. It is loaded in the memory.
  3. Does the messed and
  4. Finally gets replicated.

It should be kept in mind that the virus does not initialize itself. By any method is it is initialize like by manually clicking and by the help of autorun feature. If we have the idea we the virus can be controlled manually.

Some of the methods can be followed as below:

  1. By disabling the autorun feature in your OS.
  2. By adopting the method of opening the drive by the use of ‘run’, which is available in start menu.
  3. Avoid using the other USB device.
  4. Use any of the antivirus available but be sure that it should be updated.
  5. Don’t open the programs that you suspect.

I don’t guarantee that these methods completely remove the threats. But these methods can help you to control the virus terror to some extent.


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