What are Spinal Codes?

During my research on Software engineering, i found the article about the Spinal codes. We all have heard about the spinal cords in biology. But none of us have heard about the spinal codes? At first i thought it was some biological stuffs, but later on going further i almost realised that the spinal codes is nothing but the codes used in wireless network. Here is the definition of spinal codes.

Spinal codes are a new class of rateless codes that enable wireless networks to cope with time-varying channel conditions in a natural way, without requiring any explicit bit rate selection.The key idea in the code is the sequential application of a pseudo-random hash function to the message bits to produce a sequence of coded symbols for transmission.

Basically this type of encoding techniques makes sure about the two messages which has differences in at least 1 bit resulting in a different coded sequences. In order to decode this codes, a bubble decoder is used which runs in time polynomial in the message size.

For more information please have a look at this research

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