Month: March 2013

Data Flow Diagram ( DFD )

Data flow diagram is usually used to show model the system’s data processing. All the processing steps are shown in the diagram through the system. They are the intrinsic part of the many analysis or design methods. They are modeled to show how the data flow through the system, how the data are flown in […]

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Software Quality

Basically if we talk about the software quality there is no clear answer to it. The answer varies from person to person. So following any one of the person, According to the Pressmen, they defined the software quality as the confirmance to the explicitly started functional and the performance requirements. It is the explicitly documented […]

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Code for drawing a line using Bresenham algorithm in Javascript

Here is the snippet for drawing a line in javascript. function drawline(xa,ya,xb,yb){    var dx=Math.abs(xa-xb);    var dy=Math.abs(ya-yb);    var p=2*dy-dx;    var twody=2*dy;    var twodydx=2*(dy-dx);    var x,y,xend;     if(xa>xb)    {        x=xb;        y=yb;        xend=xa;    }    else    {        x=xa;        y=yb;        xend=xb;    }    drawpix(x,y);    while(x<xend)    {        x++;        if(p<0)        {            p+=twody;        }        else        {            y++;            p+=twodydx;        }        drawpix(x,y);    }} As in previous […]

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