Month: July 2013

Benefits of private and public clouds

According to the survey, as the reports generated says that cloud computing lets to deploy the application 65% more quickly, scale up and down the business needs by 65%, reduction of replacing the infrastructure by 53%, and introducing the new products and services by 52% faster. These are the survey results that I found in […]

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Windows Azure’s Virtual Machines

Most of us are unaware of windows azure. But for those who have the concept of cloud computing, can understand the windows azure as a different services. So basically for the infrastructures, Azure helps to create a virtual machines in cloud. Those machines are virtual, this is the reason we call them VMs. On talking […]

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Why Enterprise wide cloud strategy?

As the enterprises are growing, cloud computing is also experiencing the strong and sustained growth with it. We all now know about the benefits of cloud computing in the enterprises. The main benefit is the cost reduction. For any enterprise, if the cost is reduced, what else benefit do they search for? I just read […]

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