MSP:The Quest For Who You Are!

MSP:The Quest For Who You Are!

The MSP stood for Microsoft Student Partner. It is not that the acronym does not have a meaning now. It was there in my campus before I was in it, and yet when I came into the Engineering field, that combination of letters didn’t ring a bell into my head. Not until I got a chance to attend one of its trainings at my college. My curiosity level rose just as the adrenaline on a diabetic patient, making me take more of it.
Finally I could not help but try and become an MSP. The details of how MSP started at my college, if portrayed over a movie could be another smash hit. The ups and downs over the years have brought the MSP foundation in my college to the point where it stands now! It has at become the one stop tech-solution site for every student (or at least take product keys for free =])

The orientation program brought up multiple things together. The responsibilities of an MSP, targets that one needs to set after he is an MSP etcetera, etcetera. The students here at my college want an MSP that could truly act as a bridge between the Microsoft technology and students. Indeed, a true leader, not a political one (we have got enough to ruin the nation) but the one who could take the technology down to each and every students of his campus. One of my friends is an MSP and she says, an MSP should be just as an empty cup, always ready to take up the tea of knowledge and re-distribute it from there! She says, the people there at Microsoft believe on what they call ‘the Four Pillars’ namely: Access to technology, learning the technology, Innovation and Industry. Microsoft believes these four pillars should help inquisitive minds to set the basement foundation to their career as successful technology experts.
The discussion at the orientation program also brought up the targets that an MSP needs to set for the next one year. It is no doubt that every day of the next 365 days is going to be full of responsibilities and opportunities for an MSP. The MSP should be ready to accept all the challenges that come by, grasp all the opportunities to prove himself, the best and take the real test of his leadership and cooperation to the students. It is also clear that the MSP could get a chance to expertise himself in any one field of Microsoft technology, and if worked hard, he could be the MSP of the year too.
The first day of orientation ended carving a road map in my mind. It made me think and wonder if I was ready for all this, if I could handle all the responsibilities without a failure. That day I learnt an important lesson, it does matter whether you think you are capable or not, the only thing you matter is you believing upon yourself. It is your commitment and courage that make the real difference. Put your hand over your chest and ask yourself if you really can do this, if your heart gives you a green signal then you are all set to go. Good luck and god speed!
Report Prepared By: Aashish Acharya

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