Make your own shortcut to open any application globally

Lets start with the question first, Do you use windows and want be like geek? If yes, then here is one way where you can actually be cool among your friends by opening the any application using shortcut keys. Smile with tongue out 

Actually the process which I am about to explain can be used around to open any apps that you want to open frequently. You don’t have to install any 3rd party software. Its actually hidden treasure inside the windows..

So here is the process

  • Create a shortcut of the application you want to apply shortcut keys
  • Right click on that shortcut file and open the properties


  • Apply the shortcut key and click apply and then ok

And voila there you are press the shortcut key and you can see the expected result.

Also we can apply the “Administrator mode” by clicking on the advanced button as mentioned in the above image. Try it and let me know your views.


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