Better understanding of Azure Devops

Better understanding of Azure Devops

Till date most of us know what devops is. To be honest, I also didn’t know till last year. Learning devops is kind of fun and learning in azure is much more fun.

You  can go ahead and see the devops in azure by your personal Microsoft account. Its and you can login using your personal account. so when you login you will see a page to add organization as seen in the image below


If you see the image, you can see 1 marked you can create organization by clicking it. And after creating the organization, we will be able to see the “Create Project”. And I don’t think I have to explain what it does. So after creating a new project we will get to see some awesome stuffs like in this image below.


As you can see in this picture (Don’t focus on “Shut your PC” Smile with tongue out ) on the very left side, you will be able to see the list of items which I will be explaining in details.

  1. Overview
  2. Boards
  3. Repos
  4. Pipelines
  5. Test Plans
  6. Artifacts

Overview : It is the place where we actually can see the summary and create our own custom dashboards and create wiki related to the project. We can discuss later about it.

Boards : I bet most of us have worked with the project management tool. If not, then you might be a very low class developer. Have you ever heard / worked with Jira, Redmine or any sort of project management tools? Its similar to that. Here we actually can manage the sprints, create tickets, design our own workflow of project management process. Try it, I am sure you will surely love this. The best part of this board, as it is linked in azure devops, all the stories, bugs tasks can be linked with repos, test plans and pipelines.

Repos: Now here comes the main item in azure devops, I am sure you have worked with any sort of source control. We all know about git right? Here in repos, we use the git as a source control. Like any of the platforms github, bitbucket, private git servers, Azure Repos is also one of them. We use the same git commands here. Nothing new but only the platform is new. As mentioned in boards, tickets can be linked directly and we can have the commits accordingly.

Pipelines : Have you heard about CI/CD? Examples are Jenkins, bamboo, etc. CI stands for Continuous Integration and CD stands for Continuous Deployment. Now here is the thing, we can create a build and release pipelines so that we don’t have to worry about deploying our stuffs to server, And the best part is, we don’t have to login to server. All those things can be done automatically and can be triggered by push command of git.

Test Plans : Now this is something interesting, Azure test plans is part of QA where QA actually writes test plans and can perform all sorts of test. To be honest, I haven’t explored much but yes as it is linked to the tickets, it becomes easier to perform the test once deployed.

Artifacts: This is something where we can actually keep our packages in the form in nuget, npm, maven, gradle etc. Here is the list


I hope you find this interesting. Have a look at Azure devops and I am damn sure you will try to devops with Azure.

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